TV Station Maps Out a Daredevil’s Crazy Plan

To kick off November sweeps, ABC7’s Eyewitness News had a great story Monday night about the latest ambitions of Jeb Corliss, a 34-year-old Southern California daredevil who has previously jumped off the Eiffel Tower and Seattle’s Space Needle.

Once again, Corliss wants to don a so-called wing-suit (pictured) and glide down from a plane at a speed of more than 100 miles per hour. But this time, instead of eventually opening up a parachute and landing conventionally, he hopes to become the first person in the world to land in a wing-suit without pulling the cord.

In order to touch down face first on his stomach, Corliss says he will need to build a special 600-foot high ramp. Price tag: $3 million. He’s hoping that a Las Vegas casino might be willing to foot the bill in exchange for the Evil Knievellike publicity.

“I can tell you that it [the ramp] will be an engineering marvel, unlike anything man has ever created before…” Corliss promises. “I know that there’s five other groups all over the world making this happen. We’ve hired some of the greatest engineers the world has ever known.”

[To watch reporter Rob Hayes’ full report, click here]