ABC Wants Tapper Out of Dept. of Bragiculture

This morning we placed ABC News Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper in the Department of Bragiculture for tweeting about troops and families that were so moved by his book, The Outpost, that they posed for pictures with it, which, in turn, moved him.

But after we ran the item, we received this note from ABC News’ digital communications and publicity department…

Hi Peter,
Jake Tapper is happy to discuss the motivations behind his book if you are interested. Jake wrote ‘The Outpost’ so people could learn more about the sacrifices of troops and their families. I can tell you that these families are happy that someone is telling their story.
Buddy Hughie was killed in 2007.  His father-in-law took a photo of Buddy’s son holding up Jake’s book to the chapter titled after his dad and he posted the picture on Facebook. Jake shared this on Twitter because it moved him. I’m sorry that you disagree.
Dear Nicole: Of course this is moving. We don’t disagree with you there. Who wouldn’t possibly be moved by this? But Jake bragging about how moved he was by others being moved by his book squarely places him in the Department of Bragiculture, where we have been all morning wrapped up in intense meetings on the subject of Tapper’s bragalicious tweet. Sincerely, FishbowlDC.