ABC on Politico‘s Koppel Story: “Totally Off-Base”

“Politico’s report that Ted Koppel is in negotiations for a $1 million-a-year contract to anchor ‘This Week’ is absolutely false,” an ABC News spokesperson told FishbowlDC. ABC says that the network is talking to several candidates to fill George Stephanopoulos’ seat on Sunday mornings, no decisions have been made and that any reports of contracts are absolutely inaccurate.

Earlier today, Politico distributed a “breaking news” alert referencing a story written by Mike Allen:

POLITICO Breaking News: ABC News is negotiating with “Nightline” founder Ted Koppel, a 42-year veteran of the network, to return for a potential $1 million-a-year contract to anchor “This Week” three Sundays a month, broadcast industry sources said. The fourth Sunday would rotate among potential future anchors from the network’s Washington bureau

But shortly after, the article was revised – information included in the alert was removed and a quote from ABC News President David Westin was added:

“We are in the middle of the process, and I will not comment on the specifics of whom we are and whom we are not talking to. I’m considering a number of alternatives. I will pull back the veil to the limited degree of telling you – for the benefit of your readers – that just about every specific that you have is false.”