ABC News To Offer DVDs On Demand

abc_layoffs_062207.jpgBuried deep in today’s Times is a short piece announcing ABC Television will offer on-demand DVDs of their news archives. ABC is teaming up with for the project, which will allow users to log onto Amazon, choose archived news stories to watch and then have it delivered by mail via Amazon subsidiary CustomFlix. Initially, ABC will offer 300 episodes to transfer to on-demand DVDs, but that’s not the real story. This is the first time any of the big three, er, four networks have opened a considerable portion of their archives to on-demand purchasing. If this program is successful, we can expect to see much more content to transfer to custom DVDs — including television shows that would not be able to recoup the costs of a standard DVD release.

Mark it down: in three years, you will be able to get your grubby paws on a custom Perfect Strangers DVD. Viva technology.