ABC News Created a Timeline of Tweets From @realDonaldTrump During His Term’s First 99 Days

The three most common words and phrases in the president's tweets were Democrats, fake news and media

Did President Donald Trump really tweet that? Thanks to a new timeline from ABC News, now you can check for yourself.

ABC News compiled every tweet sent from @realDonaldTrump during the first 99 days of his term—not including retweets and deleted tweets—and its timeline can be sorted by criteria including:

  • Frequent topics, including immigration, health care and the economy.
  • Devices the tweets were sent from.
  • Whether the tweets include words in all caps.
  • Whether the tweets were sent before 8 a.m.

According to ABC News, the three most common words and phrases to find their way into the president’s tweets through day 99 have been:

  1. Democrats (including Democrat, Dems and Dem): 36
  2. Fake news: 30
  3. Media: 29