ABC News Launches Dedicated iPad App

ABC News today launched an impressive free application for the Apple iPad, and WebNewser got a guided tour this afternoon at the ABC offices in New York. At the heart of the app is a virtual “globe,” a three dimensional device that serves as the gateway to ABC News content. The globe carries 25 stories at any given, with stories from automatically fed to the app.
News items on the globe can be divided by category or by the ABC News program.
ABC released the video below which gives a sense of how it looks and operates:

The app also features exclusive content not available on the normal site in the form of an “archives” function. The archives feature includes, photos, video and text stories from “this day in history,” so if a user clicks on it July 21, it will feature historical news items from around July 21.

Every third video clip viewed will feature a pre-roll advertisement, with ads in text stories on “pages” in between the ABC News content. Text stories are presented in an e-reader format, with the user swiping through each page, as they would a magazine. Of course, the iPad’s multimedia functionality means that the ads are much richer than simple text.
ABC News has locked up Jeep and Truvia as the app’s launch sponsors.
The ABC News app follows the successful launch of the ABC app, which was released the same day as the iPad. ABC News developers have been working on the News app over the past three months, and spoke to the team that develop the ABC app for their input.