ABC News’ DC Bureau: The Ongoing Saga (“The bureau is still very warm. “)

From internal ABC emails…

Thursday, 3 p.m.:


    Subject: ALERT – Bureau Air Conditioning issue

    I am sending this on the behalf of Glennwood Branche

    Currently the Bureau is experiencing issues with it’s Air Conditioning system (Chillers). Anything that can be done to mitigate heat load should be done immediately. Please turn off all unnecessary electrical equipment including lighting, televisions and computer screens For those with window offices please close your blinds.

    We will advise as soon as the situation changes.

Thursday, 4:21p.m.:


    Subject: FW: ALERT – Bureau Air Conditioning issue

    I can report that a vendor has arrived and is examining the system. Hopefully I will be able to let you know soon what the prognosis is for recovery of the AC system. Thank you.

Thursday, 7p.m.:

    —–Original Message—-
    Subject: RE: ALERT – Bureau Air Conditioning issue

    The vendor, Carrier air-conditioning says the Starter Relay Control for our system burned out and must be replaced. We believe we have located the parts and will effort getting them installed and programmed tonight, however it may tomorrow morning before the work can be completed. In the interim, we’ve found additional portable cooling equipment that can be rented to supply additional cooling to the control room and other critical areas until the chillers can be brought back online. The bureau remains operational.

Friday, 7:56 a.m.

    —–Original Message—–

    Subject: Re: ALERT – Bureau Air Conditioning issue

    The critical parts were located in Syracuse NY last night and are expected to arrive at Carrier at 8.00am where they will program the board and then send it here to be installed. Last night we installed additional cooling units in critical broadcast areas. The bureau is still very warm. We have experienced some equipment failures due to heat, but we remain operational.

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