ABC News Brings App To Amazon App Store, As NY Times Pulls Its App From Blackberry

In news that seems to suggest the way that consumer device adoption is headed, one large media company has added their news app to the Amazon App Store, a growing app business, while another major media company has pulled its app from the Blackberry Store, a dwindling business.

ABC News has added its free news app to the Amazon App Store, which is already available in Google Play and iTunes. Doug Vance, ABC News’ vice president of product strategy said in an ABC News report, “We have watched the Kindle Fire become a popular tablet choice and have decided to tailor our Android app for the tablet and make it available in Amazon’s App Store.”

Meanwhile, as rumors circulate that RIM may be going under soon, The New York Times has pulled its app from the Blackberry. New York Times spokeswoman Eileen Murphy told The Chicago Tribune: “It’s a matter of usage of our apps, and we dedicate our resources where we think there’s the highest level of usage. We’ve seen a drop-off.”