ABC Launches Facebook Connect Integration

This afternoon Facebook posted an update about all the television networks that have integrated Facebook Connect, including ABC who has two new exciting integrations. The first is a promotion for the series “FlashForward” which takes advantage of Facebook Connect to integrate your profile data into a promotion. It’s similar to other promotions we’ve seen such as the Doritos promotion and the Prototype XBox game trailer.

In contrast to MySpace, who also has their own identity service, Facebook has been focused on striking large media integrations with Connect. Not only do these partnerships help increase engagement on the partner sites but it also helps Facebook expand the reach of Facebook Connect. Google has been heavily promoting their own service, Friend Connect, which is similar to Facebook Connect and they’ve already successfully generated 8 million communities.

However Facebook’s model is a smart one as they are going after high profile sites which end up generating more press coverage, building buzz for Facebook Connect. In addition to ABC’s FastForward trailer, ABC will also be launching a new video player tomorrow which leverages Facebook Connect to created a social experience as visitors watch full episodes of ABC content from the ABC website.

This sounds somewhat similar to Hulu’s integration, however it appears that this may be more integrated with the actual video player. We won’t know for sure until tomorrow, but this definitely sounds like what we would expect out of a truly interactive social viewing experience. Facebook is also highlighting a number of their other television integrations in today’s blog post.