ABC Goes All-Female At The White House?

mraddatz.jpgABC will likely announce in the coming days, perhaps as early as this week, that it is becoming the second network to field an all-female White House team. With new Nightline anchor Terry Moran about to give up his seat in the front row of the Brady Press Briefing Room, the network is looking to National Security Correspondent Martha Raddatz–who already comes equipped with her own flak jacket.

A former NPRer, Raddatz is an accomplished veteran of the Pentagon and State Department beats for ABC. She’s best known recently for snapping the now infamous shot of President Bush playing the guitar in the aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina.

Three sources confirmed on Friday that although contract details are still being worked out, she is likely to join the network’s two other women in the booth during the week: Jessica Yellin with “Good Morning America” and Ann Compton for radio. Geoff Morrell currently covers the White House on weekends.

CNN, which currently has Dana Bash, Suzanne Malveaux, and Elaine Quijano assigned to the White House, became the first all-female team ever earlier this year when John King was elevated to roving national correspondent.

The paucity of women correspondents at the White House has come up repeatedly, including in June when Scott McClellan was challenged by the press corps about how the President wasn’t calling on women at his press conferences. McClellan said that it wasn’t the President’s fault: The major media organizations didn’t have women he could call on. “It’s a question of diversity within those organizations,” McClellan said. “I think it’s a question to direct to those organizations, not us.”