ABC & Drudge vs. Paula Abdul & Fox

You’ll never watch American Idol the same way again! At least, that’s what ABC is saying about tomorrow night’s Primetime Live special, “Fallen Idol,” an expose about the dirty backstage laundry of the hit show on Fox (and not on ABC).

The show will supposedly provide “explosive” details on judge Paula Abdul‘s rumored illicit “coaching” sessions with 22-year old contestant Corey Clark, who has been shopping a nasty tell-all about his experiences on the show, and under Abdul’s tutelage (not only is the kid a cold-hearted snake, he’s pretty boring and charmless, a la this link).

Abdul’s and Fox’s threats of legal action were evidently dismissed by ABC, which seems pretty confident that it’s got the goods. Yikes. It looks like poor Paula’s going to get burned.

Drudge, meanwhile, is frothing at the mouth for this one, with an actual reported story yesterday and updated headlines during the day. Though he’s mentioned additional exclusive sources, he has yet to substantiate the updated information with links or reporting dated more recently than yesterday. Sigh. One step forward, two steps back. We’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE: Whoops, he just posted, with a partial transcript of American Idol contestant reactions and a statement by Fox sticking to their guns. Does it add to the conclusivity factor either way? No. Does it scandalize and titillate? Absolutely. Two steps forward, Drudge!