Aaron Paul Uses Breaking Bad Finale to Raise $1.8M for Anti-Bullying Charity


Calm down, everybody: there’ll be NO SPOILERS HERE.

What, you thought we wouldn’t mention it? Without revealing anything about the Breaking Bad finale, here’s the most interesting story to come out of the show’s final weeks: Aaron Paul, aka Jesse Pinkman, used fanboy hype to launch a very successful fundraising campaign for his wife’s anti-bullying nonprofit organization Kind Campaign.

Fundraising startup Omaze offers an unusual take on the charity model, giving donors the chance to enter a raffle for a “dream experience” centered on spending time with pop culture icons like Tyra Banks and the cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The more fans give, the greater their chance of winning—and the organization’s charity partners receive 80% of total donations.

In this case, the big winners got a trip to watch a screening of the finale with Paul, co-star Bryan Cranston and showrunner Vince  Gilligan…in an LA cemetery. Also: the two stars showed up to the event in the RV from the pilot, complete with yellow smoke.

Paul turned a technical glitch into another publicity win for his wife’s campaign: several donors were somehow left out of the raffle, which generated more than twice its predicted total. The actor then used his own money to make up for the misstep by naming additional winners. That’s a lot of good publicity for the Kind Campaign and for Omaze as well, despite the technical embarrassment.

Here’s a description of the event:

It’s OK; they can brag now.

*Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

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