Aaron Paul TV Ad Accidentally Turns On Xbox Ones, Annoys the Hell Out of People

One of the coolest things about the Xbox One is arguably its Kinect voice command feature, so of course Microsoft would want to highlight this capability in its new ads — but apparently the demonstration is working a little too well.

The new spot features Aaron Paul of “Breaking Bad” using his Xbox One in all its voice command glory, but when Paul tells his console to turn itself on, he’s accidentally turning on consoles in living rooms everywhere. Xbox One owners have taken to Twitter to share their surprise, amusement, and, at times, sputtering frustration.


Intentional? Probably not. Interesting? Definitely. Mike Cannon of Tech Times brings up an eerie thought: if an ad can do this by mistake, how long until marketers start doing it on purpose?

Cannon says that this fluke could actually open the door for brands to “specifically target Xbox One owners. For example, a TV ad could order the Xbox to go to the page of the game that’s being advertised, or visit the company website. These techniques seem a bit silly now, but if the Xbox One continues selling more units, owners could represent a population significant enough to consider targeting with these methods.”

So will this just prove to be an amusing mishap or are we actually watching advertising stumble into a creeptastic new world? We suppose only time will tell. In the meantime, here’s the spot — but maybe watch it in a room that doesn’t contain your Xbox.

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