Aaron Hicklin on James Bond: Out and About


Daniel Craig is the new Bond , and one of the most interesting takes on 007 comes from Out. Editor Aaron Hicklin explains:

At first glance, then, the choice of James Bond as a subject for this inaugural issue of our redesign may seem counterintuitive. (snipped) Maybe the fact that Bond girls are all named after drag queens (Pussy Galore, Plenty O’Toole, Honey Ryder), or that Bond villains have this thing for pedigree kitties and Faberge eggs, to say nothing of Scaramanga’s kinky third nipple. As Mark Simpson wryly points out (as only Mark Simpson can), Sean Connery’s Bond was the original metrosexual: fake tan, pumped body, fussy cocktails, and all.

Isn’t that just the best? Out.com has been redesigned, and it’s very smart. The November issue is devoted to all things Bond, and why not?

Nikki Finke says that the b.o. battle will between Bond and some others who look good in formal wear.

FBLA is both shaken and stirred.