Business Insider Features Editor Heads to Maxim

In the comments of aMaximCover recent FishbowlNY item about changes made by Maxim magazine’s new ownership, longtime subscribers indicate their dissatisfaction:

Ed Morales: I have been a subscriber to Maxim magazine since the 90’s… I don’t recognize the magazine anymore. So sad to see it end like this. I will NOT be renewing my subscription.

Brent: I agree. Other than the name and cover, I also don’t recognize this magazine anymore. There is literally an ad on every other page. I honestly don’t even read it anymore. It just goes straight into the recycling bin.

In other words, the mandate sounds clear for Aaron Gell who, per an item by Capital New York’s Jeremy Barr and internal memo from Henry Blodget, is moving over from Business Insider to become the magazine’s editorial director. He will report to recently appointed editor-in-chief Kate Lanphear.

Gell joined Business Insider this time last year. A further way to judge the success of Gell and Lanphear in the near future could be barbershop chatter. Again, from the comments to that earlier FishbowlNY item:

Luis Acuna: I work at a chain of vintage barbershops and this conversation took place the other day. Everyone unanimously agreed the magazine is not worth looking at anymore. Truly sad.