Detroit Journalist Crafts Catchy Book Title

Aaron Foley's no-nonsense Motor City guidebook is out today.

HowtoLiveinDetroitCoverMost recently, Aaron Foley worked as a copywriter at a major ad agency in Detroit. In years past, he made his full-time coin as a journalist, helping launch the website, working as associate editor for Wards Auto and overseeing the Gawker Media sub-blog Jalopnik Detroit.

He knows the city well, and today, he’s got a new book out with a title aimed straight at the increasing swell of gentrifiers: How to Live in Detroit Without Being a Jackass. On his old website, it’s Ian Thibodeau doing the coverage honors:

After Foley sets the record straight on several things, he guides readers through everything from which bars to hit to how to deal with men, how to party, how to start a business in the city (the right way), how to be white in Detroit, which brands are best, how to be gay in Detroit, which Faygo flavors should be passed up, how to be a hipster, how to house-hunt or renovate a house, how to take in the Detroit media, how to avoid jealousy and, in perhaps his most poignant chapter, how to be black in Detroit.

Foley grew up on the northwest side in the Dexter-Davison neighborhood. He has family all over the city, he’s said. He spent one year of high school in Ypsilanti, and that’s the first time he had to defend Detroit.

This is a big week for Foley. He’s returning to the journalism side as editor of BLAC magazine. For that publication, he recently penned an essay about his book.

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