A World Full of iPhones – or Not

iPhone Matters reports that India is near the head of the line of countries to get the iPhone. If Apple is able to work out a carrier deal with Vodafone, mobile consumers in India might see the 8GB iPhone as early as September.

That might turn out to be sooner than folks in China are able to (legally) get their hands on the coveted handset. Despite initial talks going as far back as last year, China Mobile is saying that it is not yet in formal discussions with Apple about offering the iPhone in China. According to ChannelWeb, issues surrounding business models (Apple’s idea of revenue sharing) and commercialization are to blame for the delay.


Anticipating the yet-to-be-announced 3G iPhone that seemingly everyone expects to surface this summer, British carrier O2 has sliced 100 pounds off the price of the iPhone. According to the UK’s Times Online, the price cut will stay in place until June 1. The move comes after a similar deal from T-Mobile in Germany. There’s an interesting difference of opinion about the reason behind the price cuts, with one camp saying there’s limited stock and the carriers want to sell as many as possible before the 3G version comes out while the opposing camp says the lower prices merely show a drop in demand for the iPhone.

So, where besides India is in line for the iPhone? According to iPhone Matters, “a leaked copy” of the latest iPhone 2.0 firmware shows support for a number of input languages including Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish, Korean and Brazilian Portuguese.