A Whopper of a Brand Kerfuffle

Previously on PR Newser, our own Patrick Coffee opined about Burger King’s rebranding stunt. Unfortunately for the franchising, fast-food royalty, the stunt was more like the time when Evel Knievel jumped at Caesar’s Palace and looked like a stunt double on ‘Weekend at Bernies.’

Time magazine covered “The Web hates Burger King’s fake name change” in a beyond failed attempt to promote its healthier fries and new French Fry Burger. Beyond that misguided lunacy, we have the wunderkinds trying to have it their way in the world of text lingo, as seen by trying to introduce #WTFF to the prepubescent vernacular of America.

In case you are like the rest of this country confused by the inept use of Twitter hijinks, this was supposed to be “What the French Fry.” Only, if you are slightly more cynical and daring the punch line, this was inferred by thousands as “What the eff eff,” which ended up trending globally.

Whoever said “All publicity was good publicity” has never worked in a fast food joint.

Here’s a thought: For years, this is a restaurant known as BK. Makes me wonder if anyone considered the new initials “FK” as a possible source for juvenile pranks on the Interweb. Yeah, they probably did.

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