A Whole Collection of 2010 World Cup Logo Hatred


Remember a while back when we reported on everyone being upset about the logo for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, including the Russian design shop Park, who put together their own identity package for what they considered a much more fitting design? Well, turns out, even though most of us really stopped paying attention back in July when all the hubbub was abundant, the site Not the 2010 Logo launched and has been getting loads of entries and some press. It’s a site just based on receiving entries from designers of logos that they feel look much better. Here’s from their manifesto:

Only 6 agencies were chosen to pitch for the emblem, suggested by Think, the industry council representing the South Africa design industry…Would it not have been better to advise FIFA to open this up to the country as a huge PR exercise, to inspire and unify South Africa behind 2010?

Remember the national effort behind the design of the new South African flag. Anyone could contribute, designers, doctors, security guards, students and even kids armed with crayons in nursery school. It was a brilliant PR exercise and the result was a flag that unified the country. An exercise that should have been mirrored for the 2010 emblem.