A Weird Look Into Brian Williams’ Soul

From the guy who loves Bono, hates “you” comes a weird story about his putting Baghdad and Katrina memories in a “box”:

Rose: Back to those two stories. Did they change you in any way … Do you view life differently because you were there?

Williams: I think I do, but it also had an ancillary effect. I have been married 20 years and have two children. … I am the luckiest man to sit at this table across from you … I am living the American dream. And so I need a box to put the bad things in. I need a box to put the families I saw roasted, on a thunder run into downtown Baghdad 2 days after the statue fell. I need a box to put the human body parts we saw there and in Banda Aceh, and the nice man who was probably someone’s husband and father who floated past us in New Orleans, the other nice man who died from a gunshot wound and all the other bad things we see in the commission of our work. But the commission of our work makes us better at what we do. And so, compartmentalization I guess is the word I use for it, and so, these days, I guess I juggle a lot of boxes. And if I can get the lids on and tape them up, I’ll have a successful life.


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