A Vote for Social-Network Access at Work

“Resistance to social-network access at work is futile,” wrote Proof Integrated Communications managing director B.L. Ochman in a post on AdAge.com, Five Reasons Companies Should Not Block Access to Social Networks.

Ochman’s five reasons:

Resistance is futile: She points out the fact that most employees have access to social networks via mobile devices.

Don’t assume people won’t find other ways to waste time: Ochman cited a report in The Economist, which said, “This assumes that people would actually work rather than find some other way to pass the time they have to spare.”

Social networks can actually make workers more productive: She backs this up with data from a Pew Internet report, The Future of the Internet IV.

You’ll miss great ideas: Ochman cites collaboration between co-workers via social networks.

Employees are much more trustworthy than companies think: Ochman wrote, “If you can’t trust your employees, you have one of two problems: You are hiring the wrong people, or you are not properly training the people you hire.”