A Visible Interview with Hidden Art


Per usual, here’s another great interview from Three Layer Cake. This time around it’s with Dieneke Ferguson, founder of the growing movement called Hidden Art, which is a non-profit that seeks let product designers have an outlet for their interesting creations, from couches to lamps to bowls to whatever else you can come up with. TLC talks about founding the project, how they’ve dealt with their popularity, and why they think it’s all working. Here’s some from the intro:

Dutch-born Dieneke Ferguson founded Mazorca in 1989 with a desire to uncover untapped creative resources in her local environment, East London. Within that context, Hidden Art, what Dieneke refers to as Mazorca’s “brand,” was created. From its inception Dieneke has had the goal of taking Hidden Art global. She confesses that her goal is clear and unwavering but how to get there isn’t. Hidden Art’s slow expansion from an East London membership to wider geographic representation is a promising move in the right direction. Today, a quick glance at any interiors magazine is evidence of the strength of designers and designer-makers who share the Hidden Art bond. Somebody is doing something right… Hidden Art also launched its first social franchise in Cornwall in 2005. “That’s why I couldn’t talk to you about doing a franchise in Italy four years ago. We were working on Cornwall then. It took that long to develop the right model,” she explained. Drawing the blueprints for Hidden Art’s global expansion takes time, Dieneke says, but she and her eight-person team are patiently putting the structures in place.