A Viral Hit About Flight Attendants You May Have Missed

Babysitting on a plane. Wonder if Samuel L. Jackson would do this movie?

It’s been said that the little things in life mean the most. That is definitely true for public relations. You can plan for hours in a conference room, spend for months, and even wait for years for the right time to execute the right stunt.

And while you would think the investment there should definitely pay off big dividends for the brand, something so minor and insignificant can take your brand by storm and make you reconsider everything.

From ‘Bags Fly Free‘ to ‘Wanna Get Away‘ to ‘Transfarency,’ Southwest Airlines is typically leading the PR world with inventive slogans and marketing.

Southwest is usually the pre-eminent airline to capitalize on your ability to choose your airline. However, it’s the little things that really pay off.

Like the story of Anissa, a Southwest flight attendant traveling from Florida to New York. After serving peanuts, drinks and you know… smiling, she did something that impressed a passenger named Heather Gooch so much, it has earned 580 comments and 16,820 likes on Facebook.

Here’s why:

SWA Anissa

That’s Anissa doing the popular “baby rock” on the plane… with Heather’s nine-month-old son, Aiden. It was his second flight and first-ever while awake, so you can imagine the little man was a little cranky.

Nothing Heather was doing worked and she obviously looked stressed. Instead of allowing people to roll their eyes and complain in first class, Anissa did what no one would have done — she picked up the boy and walked him up and down the aisle.

She was so moved by Anisse’s generosity, Heather tagged Southwest on Facebook:

“Anisse went above and beyond to make sure that the trip went as smoothly as possible.” When little Aiden started crying, his mother wrote, Anisse “came and picked him up and walked up and down the aisle with him while my husband and I ate our lunch.”

“I have NEVER had a flight attendant as kind and as helpful as she was. My son adored her and kept looking for her as she passed by. At one point, she saw that he was looking for her and getting ancy so she came and picked him up and walked up and down the aisle with him while my husband and I ate our lunch.

“Although this may not be a story that stands out from the rest, I wanted to thank her and let her know how appreciated she is. We so often hear about the negative things going on so I wanted to share this story of a someone who made my trip a little brighter. Please help this get to her!,” she concluded.

Your move, other airlines. This a #PRWin for Southwest.