A Very Special White House Soup of the Day

It’s a bittersweet day on MSNBC’s “The Daily Rundown” today. It’s Savannah Guthrie’s last day co-hosting alongside Chuck Todd. Next week she moves to the third hour of the “TODAY” show.

Among many special surprises for her final day, including a reel of funny bloopers and instances in which guests have called Savannah “Samantha,” White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer showed up. But that’s not all. He came bearing gifts — and we can barely contain ourselves on this one, but he brought a carton of the White House Soup of the Day.

Drumroll please…it’s Coconut Crab. “All I ever hear is that you guys never get to eat the soup of the day,” Pfeiffer said. “…It’s one of the better soups of the day.”

Savannah remarked that there were two spoons. “We’re close but we’re not that close,” she joked of Todd. But later, more seriously, she bid farewell to her co-host, saying, “I’ll miss you most.”