A URL registered by a conglomerate, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing

Really, it’s probably nothing, but newspaper magnate Philip Anschutz has registered the domain name LosAngelesExaminer.com. But that doesn’t mean he’s actually planning on launching a newspaper here, at least any time soon. From the LAT:

A company controlled by Denver billionaire Philip Anschutz registered the domain name LosAngelesExaminer.com last week – a year and a half after trademarking “Los Angeles Examiner” as a possible name for a newspaper.

But a spokesman for Anschutz said the moves didn’t signal an imminent resurrection of a name that has a long history in the annals of L.A. journalism.

“There’s nothing I know of that’s going to happen anytime soon in Los Angeles,” Jim Monaghan said. “Anyone expecting a Los Angeles Examiner anytime soon, they’re going to be disappointed.”

Of course, maybe that’s just deflection. We will be checking the LosAngelesExaminer.com URL every fifty-three minutes to see if anything’s been posted.

UPDATE #1: Nothing posted as of 9:33 AM.

UPDATE #2: Nothing posted as of 10:26 AM.

UPDATE #3: Nothing posted as of 11:19 AM.