A Unique Courting Process on Facebook

check my radarWhile many have begun using Facebook as the center of their business networking, many more have been using Facebook to improve their social lives, specifically as it pertains to the opposite sex. There is a plethora of new dating applications that have been popping up at a fast pace. Some of these consist of the same features as most dating sites while others have a unique twist. I came across one application yesterday that I thought was particularly interesting. Created by David Galkowski and Zak Tanjeloff, Check My Radar puts a twist on dating. It may be a somewhat complicated twist but it definitely gets points for creativity.

The application consists of 3 types of users: you, confidants and people on your radar. The concept is that when you are sitting next to someone in class, pass them in the hallway or see them at a party and share a fleeting moment during which your interest was piqued, you go back and add them to your radar. After you add them, your confidants (friends that you have granted access to your radar) will be able to see who these people are. Your confidants can also make comments and recommend other people that should be on your radar. If at any point someone on your radar adds you to their radar, you both will receive a notification.

While potentially good in theory, I think this application may be a little too complex. Are your friends really going to spend a significant amount of time on Facebook giving you advice on the right people to date? Perhaps I don’t know the Facebook demographic well enough but I don’t think this application will have widespread adoption. Especially when applications such as the Hot or Not application help making matches easy. If you want to try out this new type of Facebook courting, go grab the Check My Radar application.