A Tree-Hugging Blogger Worth Reading

vanessa-makeover_528.jpgVanessa McGrady was way crunchier than any of your Prius-driving Santa Cruz-alumni friends: She was so crunchy, a bear once pooped on her coffee table.

But McGrady eventually realized that peeing in a tomato can sucks. She moved from the Pacific Northwest to civilization, bought expensive cheese and now works in L.A. for an investor-owned utility (her blog post on Grist.org doesn’t say which one).

She bills herself as a kind of enviro-mole, someone working from the inside to preach conservation and energy efficiency. But what she really is is a This American Life contributor in the making.

We don’t know McGrady. And we don’t know Ira Glass. But if this media-centric blog can do one good deed this year, it’s to introduce the two and help create the next media darling.

You’re welcome.