A Touch More Monday Morning Eye Candy

The more avid among our thronging readers might have noticed a certain predilection towards a certain architect, a torch, one could say, that we’ve been carrying for at least as long as we’ve been posting. (We can’t possibly embarrass ourselves by admitting just how long we’ve been jonesing for this guy. We mean his buildings. The early ones. Like Douglas and Smith. Ulm too, on a good day.) So we were absolutely overwhelmed when a friend over at archinect, home to some of the pithiest architectural discussions out there, ranging from “I need to find a sport or something that will motivate me to get into better/good shape again,” to “what’s de rigeur for male archinects/architects with regards to beards and shaving these days?” sent this in.

Who is that guy? No…not Larry Gagosian— the other one!


did he have cataract surgery or is he really trying to pull that of [sic]?

Veil, lifted.