A Time When “Ugly” Was the New “Cool”


We know that this post has the potential of making us lose the many, many members of our pre-teen fan base, but here we go anyway: this write loathes MySpace. Hates it. If he has to go onto the thing, he squints so he doesn’t get too much of an aesthetic that, we’re sure, was decided upon in a meeting like this: “Hey, you remember Geocities? Yeah, let’s make it look like that.” There’s been a ton written on that, for sure, and finding this feature on Vitamin, “The MySpace Problem” was a nice little catch-all with links to all those various other “it’s so ugly!” discussions, as well as a bit about MySpace. In the end, the writer, Joshua Porter, says that, despite being ugly, MySpace still serves its function well, which we don’t really agree with because this writer still clings to the idea that MySpace is nothing more than a flavor-of-the-week that got lucky (and we’ll see how long it lasts), but it’s a good read and has some great thoughts on something we don’t often think of when talking shop: does it need to always be so dang pretty to still get the job done?