A Ticking POTUS

Dan Froomkin points to a recent CNN exchange between Cox’s star Ken Herman and host Daryn Kagan on CNN Live. Herman, you might remember, rode along with the President during his media bike tour earlier this month. CNN had him on to reflect on the Larger Lessons of observing Bike One.

Herman on the President’s recreational choices: “The president rides his bike like he runs his foreign policy. Once the course is charted, there’s no turning back, no second-guessing, no waiting for the less committed. He gets out there and he gets his heart rate pumping and it’s a serious activity.”

Kagan asked: “Is a line crossed as a White House correspondent when you’re out there buddy-buddying and doing recreation with the president?”

Herman: “Sure. That’s a good question. It is hard and probably foolhardy to turn down access to the president of the United States for almost any purpose. This was a legitimate story about a part of the president’s life. I had ridden with him last year and written a story last year about his mountain bike riding and Senator Kerry’s road bike riding and what that tells about people about them and the activities they choose.

“And I think most journalists would think any exposure you can get to the president, you’re going to learn something about him or her and that’s the name of the game, is learning about these people and what makes them tick.”