A Thorough Explanation of ‘Prince Charles Vs. The Starchitects’

We give thanks and praise to the Independent‘s Jay Merrick who has put together a terrific piece getting to the bottom of just what Prince Charles deal is, why he hates modern things, and this weekend’s starchitect uproar over his intervening over Richard RogersChelsea Barracks project, trying to get the developer to find a less-modern architect. It’s a great look at both sides of the debate, giving equal time to Charles’ view and his starchitect foes (Rogers has been a long-time enemy of the Prince) by describing the history of the debate and the good and bad of this specific project itself. In the end, no one comes out very clean, because the world is rarely so black and white (e.g. the Prince’s problem with the place isn’t entirely just “the guy hates modern stuff” after all), but at least now we have a ton more information to make an educated decision about the whole thing.