A SXSW Lesson: Remember Your Audience

So from what we can tell, these are really two very different, nearly uncomparable blogs. And we can tell this from the Q & A. Armstrong’s readership is more like this:

Rabid Armstrong Fan #1: “I’m a huge fan, I was so excited when I heard you would be here. I also got nervous because I heard what happened to [name of dog] when you were in Amsterdam.”

(Uh, what? Someone tried to take her dog?)

Gushing continues: “You are such a great writer, so honest, so brave and so funny.” (Drool accumulates in small pool beneath microphone.)

Kottke’s number one advocate is a considered voice with an accent, a man who pleads with Kottke not to accept advertising on the site, to stick with subscriptions from readers like him, who will personally make a large donation to ensure its quality.

Although, on the way out, we did overhear this giggly woman:

“Jason is just soooooooo freaking brilliant.”