A Special Father’s Day For Baier

The Hill talks to Fox News’ Bret Baier about his son’s medical situation a year ago:

This is how he describes the two-day period in which his son, Paul, was born and when doctors discovered a potentially fatal heart defect. A nurse had noticed a blue hue to the baby’s skin and thought he might have an infection. Doctors considered a spinal tap but decided on an eco-cardiogram. That’s when they made their discovery.

There were no ominous precursors to hint at what would happen after Paul was born. The pregnancy was typical, with Amy Baier taking daily walks and having numerous ultrasounds. The birth was normal and, at the time, doctors pronounced the baby completely healthy.

But a day later, that all changed. When doctors discovered the heart defect, it was not a simple one. Paul’s heart was broken in five different ways. It was working backwards, pumping blood in the wrong direction. They said Paul’s heart would have eventually just given out.

Their final diagnosis: The baby had to have surgery or he wouldn’t make it more than a week or two.

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