A Social Media Take on a Timeless Christmas Story [Video]

Want to hear the story of the Nativity with a modern twist on it? Find out how the story of the nativity would be different if it were to have occurred today.

It’s Christmas time once again. It is time for the story of Christmas to be told and retold in many different ways and depictions. There will be the reenactment done by a local church; the children at school might put on a presentation. Will there is a new way to tell the story of Christmas, the story of Christmas through social media.

The creators of this video, Excentric, a Portuguese based digital marketing company tells the traditional story of the Nativity but puts a modern twist on it. Miguel Figueiredo, president of Excentric, presented an opportunity to his team to come up with a creative way of showing the possibilities of advertising with social media. The result his team conjured up was to incorporate Google searches, emails, tweets, Facebook “Likes” and Foursquare “Check-ins” all encapsulated into the story of the Nativity.

Excentric used the inspiration from last year’s Super Bowl commercial created by Google. In the video created by Google, it tells the story of a romantic relationship that took place in France. The story starts off with a person studying abroad in France, the adventure of a budding relationship and finishing with a marriage ceremony and the birth of a baby.

The goal of the Portuguese digital marketing company was to show companies in their native country what the possibilities of social media are it was not to create a viral sensation. Though that is exactly what did happen.   The numbers of views in a little over a week that the video has been released are amazing. The original version of the video told in Portuguese has over 1.5 million page views, quickly once the company realized how successful the video might be they also produced a version in English, this video has over 1.4 million hits.

Here is the video produced by Excentric, “The Digital Story of The Nativity”

Here is the video that “The Digital Story of The Nativity” was inspired from
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