A Shrunken NY Times Revealed Today


Today marked the first day of the new format of the New York Times. They’ve gotten the bug that’s stung many other newspapers and shaved off one and a half inches of their width. Not only will it save some money (printing all those papers every day adds up), but they, like all the other papers who have made the switch, hope it’ll encourage more readers to pick it up, being as it’s now more public transportation friendly. Here’s some:

The change at The New York Times was originally expected to occur in mid-2008, but [Spokeswoman Diane McNulty] said the company was able to get its presses reconfigured sooner than anticipated.

The look of the paper will remain essentially the same, she said, though the headlines will become slightly smaller. The news columns will also become slightly narrower.

The change will result in the space for news being reduced by about 10 percent, but the paper will make up for about half of that decline by adding extra pages. Additional pages may also be added from time to time to accommodate major news stories, she said.