A Salon Makeover (In Progress)

Salon has unveiled a beta version of its redesigned website…I think.

salonlogo_p.gifI hedge only because if you click on the link above, you may be taken to the new beta version — or the familiar current version. The URLs are the same, but sometimes I get the new version and sometimes I get the old. Salon, you toy with us so!

If you happen to get the new version, the main differences you’ll notice are that the subject category on the left is gone, the front page is more graphics-heavy, and there are links to popular features (such as excellent and uncompromising columnist Glenn Greenwald) across the bottom of the banner. I know this stuff is subjective, but I like the new look.

If I see the beta version come up again, I’ll do a screengrab and add it to the bottom of this post.

Update: An anonymous reader sent me a link to a screengrab of the Salon redesign, which you can view below. Thanks very much for your help!