A Rundown on the Showdown at the Brooklyn Museum


A little round up of last week’s fracas surrounding the Brooklyn Museum‘s star-studded event, honoring developer Bruce Ratner, which led to a large protest outside the museum, filled with people angry with Ratner’s plans to bulldoze and build like crazy in Brooklyn and that the museum would celebrate such a person. And to get a full picture of the whole thing, we thought we’d take you on a little tour. First, we start on the street, with a lengthy story from the Village Voice about the protestors and their movement. Second, we move to Bloomberg‘s reporting on the event, which takes a look at both the outside and the inside, with Ratner offering the usual quote from a person who people are out front protesting about: “One of the terrific things about this city and country is that people are allowed to express their views, they’re allowed to protest, and I respect that.” Last comes from an unexpected source, MTV, who has this interesting piece up, complete with interview clips, talking to Taskashi Murakami (who was really supposed to be the focus of the evening) and Kanye West, who hires Murakami a lot to design and illustrate the covers of his albums. So if that isn’t a full scope of the evening, we don’t know what is.