A Round Up of Media Mogul Salaries: The Rich Get Richer

For those of you worried about the fortunes of the very rich, breathe a sigh of relief. After hobbling along with depleted salaries during the economic recession, The Wrap is reporting that the “same executives who made a big show of cutting their paychecks during tough times have huddled at the trough once more.”

Thank god.

Here is what the top brass took home:

  • Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman more than doubled his take home pay for a total compensation of $84.5 million. Wow!
  • Dauman’s boss Sumner Redstone actually earned less than he did, taking home the paltry sum of $15 million, poor guy.
  • News Corp shares may be stagnant but not Rupert Murdoch‘s salary! His paycheck increased from $22.2 million to $22.7 million.
  • And despite helming the runaway train that is Fox News, Roger Ailes actually took a significant pay cut, from $22.1 million to $13.9 million.

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