A Rough Concept, But You Should Probably Still Enter


There’s been some buzz over the last little while in the world of art directors concerning the growing anger about The Art Director’s Club’s poster for this year’s ADC Awards. If you haven’t seen it already, here it is in all its tasteless glory. You’ve got to wonder how in the world that made it all the way through to the printer. But that’s of no new discussion now, and besides, we’ve all been in that “seemed like a good idea at the time” position.

But regardless of all that, the awards, of course, carry mucho weight in the design and advertising world, and since the deadline’s been extended until the end of the week, it’s recommended that you scramble to get your entry put together and shipped off. And if you’re a newbie, the ADC has brought back the Young Guns awards, and the deadline for that isn’t for another couple of weeks. Here’s the scoop on that:

ADC is conducting its fifth biennial search for the most exciting young talent in visual communications. If you are age 30 or under and working in advertising, publishing, graphic design, illustration, photography, film and video, packaging and environmental design, experimental fashion and interactive media, send us your best work. This international competition showcases winners in an international exhibition, with a gala premiere at the ADC Gallery in New York, and in a full-color book to be published by Rockport, both in the fall of 2006.