A-Rod Employs Richard Rubenstein For PR Services

PRNewser has confirmed New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez is working with Richard Rubenstein, son of George Steinbrenner spokesman Howard Rubenstein, for PR services. Rodriguez admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs between 2001-03 in an interview with ESPN’s Peter Gammons yesterday.

Clearly Rubenstein’s phone is ringing off the hook this morning as it took us several attempts to get through. An assistant confirmed Rodriguez as a client but could not put us through to Rubenstein for comment.

Rodriguez is receiving some kudos for being up front about his steroid use to the media. However, he’s nowhere near out of the fire yet. The NY Daily News‘ Jesse Specter has an optimistic point of view: “The saga of last year [public trials of Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens] gave Rodriguez a public relations playbook, and he executed it perfectly.”

Not everyone agrees. Writes the Times‘ George Vescey: “When the first quotes of his confession surfaced in midafternoon, it sounded as if Rodriguez really understood he had done something wrong. In the full interview, the more he talked, the more disassociated he sounded. He still doesn’t get it.”

UPDATE: When asked about the work he is doing with A-Rod, Rubenstein tells PRNewser, “I never discuss openly my strategy with clients.”