A Return to the Venice Biennale of Design Architecture Week of London


Let us return, once more, to those two events we’ve been liking to cover over the past few weeks. First, one of our favorite sites, MocoLoco, like many others, has put up a huge batch of coverage of the London Design Week. Lots of great photos of the things you missed and plenty of links so you can read up and lie to your friends and tell them you went (“It’s crazy, in London they’ve got these nutty accents! And everyone drives in the middle of the road! And they’re ruled by an emperor!”). And second, there’s this great feature story from the CBC about the ongoing Venice Architecture Biennale. Gives a great rundown that we hadn’t really seen elsewhere, beyond photos, of a batch of the individual exhibits (though strangely it does mention Israel’s contribution, but makes no mention of the earlier controversy at the festival’s start — the whole thing must’ve just blown over). So there’s that and we shall speak no more about either. Unless we want to.