A Return to Old Habits on This Week’s List of the Facebook Games that Gained the Most Daily Active Users

Old and new games hit the top 20 daily active user list this week with the number one position being taken by Pillow Fight, a new app released this month.

The simple poking app uses a “hot potato” style of game-play with a two day timer alerting the winner. Released in September 2008, the game returned to the top 20 after a long absence due to the inclusion of seasonal pillows into the game by developer Shikha, helping the title raise a majority of its 12 million user base according to AppData.

It will be an interesting game to watch to see if users continue with the title or if it sees a drop in daily activity after New Years only to boom during other upcoming holidays that the developer makes pillows for.

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name DAU Gain↓ Gain, %
1.icon Pillow Fight1,201,933+705,334+58.68
2.icon Mafia Wars6,054,476+296,411+4.90
3.icon Entrevista tus Amigos593,760+268,046+45.14
4.icon Bubble Popp275,581+154,437+56.04
5.icon Happy Island1,447,647+136,706+9.44
6.icon Ninja Saga382,658+96,945+25.33
7.icon Country Life1,607,873+94,607+5.88
8.icon 歡樂癲地 Funland97,406+62,903+64.58
9.icon 開心農場2,659,287+53,530+2.01
10.icon Texas HoldEm Poker4,938,461+37,524+0.76
11.icon Tiki Farm256,059+27,175+10.61
12.icon Okey393,050+24,201+6.16
13.icon Ponzi, Inc.139,601+20,646+14.79
14.icon 開心魚塘335,360+15,574+4.64
15.icon My Town42,355+15,164+35.80
16.icon Three Kingdoms Online – Best Browser Game of 2009!19,543+11,450+58.59
17.icon Sunshine Ranch805,998+10,996+1.36
18.icon Sag’ die Wahrheit!11,179+10,652+95.29
19.icon Warstorm30,906+10,507+34.00
20.icon Do you think…?10,697+9,511+88.91

All numbers are for the week ending December 29.

Mafia Wars has been on-and-off with the DAU list. This week it ranks second with 296,000 new players or 5 percent of the titles 6.1 million DAU.

In third, Entrevista tus Amigos (“Interview your Friends“) by Mappdev is the highest ranking foreign-language app, although we’re not sure why the developer has categorized it as a game. Anyway, answering questions about your friends has proven to be an effective — if not wholly original — concept for Spanish-speaking players as the title now has a DAU of 594,000 players and increased its numbers by 45 percent this week.

Bubble Popp filled a want with audiences. The bubble-breaking game gained 56 percent this week after raising 48 percent last week. The Bust-a-Move-styled game now has a DAU of 276,000 players in its first month and is fourth place on our list.

CrowdStar‘s newest game, Happy Island, gives players an island to populate with attractions for tourists and now has 1.5 million DAU in its first month on Facebook and landing at fifth. It is one of seven games on the list to rely on some form of virtual theme park or farming type of simulation mechanic.

Despite the wealth of farming apps, this weeks list might be the most foreign-language-heavy DAU list yet. A quarter of the titles on this week’s list are held by non-English speaking title. the highest ranked is, again, Entrevista tus Amigos. The title with the largest DAU is 開心農場 (“Open Heart Farm”) which has 2.66 million players. And the game with the highest percentage increase is German gossip game, Sag’ die Wahrheit! (“Tell the truth”) which raised 95 this week after being on Facebook for nearly a year and a half. This is one of the first German apps to ever make one of our top 20 lists.

Foreign language apps from last week, 開心水族箱 and Tarjetitas, are missing this week. Yet both titles have been raising steadily throughout December.

Next week should see the final numbers from an app-heavy December and which foreign apps gained the most users throughout the month.