A Reminder That Our ‘Design Our Logo’ Contest Is Purely Just for Fun


Sure, we’ve gone over this before, even this week we talked about Wikipedia running a “redesign our site” page, but since it continues to be a hot button issue, here we are again. And this time, from the always insightful, our go-to guy for great design writing, Andy Rutledge, who takes on the subject in his essay “Redesign Competitions: Looking for a Commitment or Just a Roll in the Hay?” If his opening doesn’t hook you immediately, we don’t know what will:

I’m hosting a competition. I need a partner with whom to have a serious relationship but I don’t want to invest any time or effort in finding the right woman; I shouldn’t have to. I’m a great man and any woman should be proud to be with me, so I’m holding auditions. I’d like for all interested women to visit me and show me your “wares.” I’m definitely looking for someone with a hot bod, and not afraid to show it off. Extra points for staying the night and letting me sample your attentions and enthusiasm. One lucky winner gets a $400 wedding ring and the prestige of having me for a partner (’cause I look good). The rest of you just get screwed. Awright, who’s with me?