A Reasoned Outlook

There’s been a lot of reaction to yesterday’s announcement that Susan Glasser will be taking over the Post’s Outlook section. Even as some Posties have been grumbling about her (about par for the course at 15th & L), she appears to have “taken a shot across the bow of the blogosphere,” in the words of CBS’ Public Eye, with her comment that the internet, while full of commentary, is often lacking in “reasoned commentary and analysis.”

Vaughn Ververs Public Eye goes to some of the, well, more reasoned minds on the web and asked them about the status of internet debate versus old media.

“Opinion is creeping up on information, and we still need voices to help us separate the two. It sounds like she wants to put her ear to the ground, to the web, to the tube, to the papers–and start listening. Despite the rally cry of some bloggers, journalism is still very much about editing, and a smart editor who can take strings of discussion from a wide range of voices and weave a full dialogue will be successful and influential,” Lost Remote’s Steve Safran said.

Pressthink’s Jay Rosen, meanwhile, says “If I were going to describe the section’s competitive advantage, I don’t think I would rely on ‘reason’ to capture what the Post has and the online world lacks. I think it’s interesting that Susan Glasser does. I’d go with, ‘we can pull into the digital equation the movers and shakers and people with standing who also have insight’ or something like that.”

Perhaps today’s Public Eye effort could be to go get some more quotes from less thoughtful or polite bloggers and see what they have to say about the Post claiming the mantle of “reason” in public debate.