A Quick Collection of Year-End Picks


We warned you a little while ago that we were entering the season of year end lists. We’re still in the “ooh, neat, year end lists!” period right now, so before the next stages that run the gamut from denial to grief to raving lunacy, we thought we’d share a few in bulk. First up is the top magazine cover design picks from Ad Age, as part of their year-end collection of miscellaneous things, the Book of Tens. It reads fairly similarly to picks for best of the year, with Barbara Kruger’s already award-winning New York cover with Eliot Spitzer. But there’s a whole host of others, some worthwhile and others groan-worthy (like Time‘s lazy NBA ad parody). Next up is Brandweek‘s collection of “The Worst Line Extensions,” which chronicles a number of hilarious products on which a brand was slapped but nary a thought was put (like Kanye West‘s travel website and Burger King underwear). And last in our tour of annual groupings is critic Blair Kamin‘s picks for “Best Architecture of 2008.” There’s nothing particularly novel, with a couple of Olympic buildings, the restoration of Paul Rudolph Hall, etc. But he does give a nice shout out to a great Louis Sullivan rebuilding and in a contextually strange move, says a farewell to John Utzon and Walter Netsch — it’s terrific that he’s doing so, but under the title “Best of…” it makes it sound like he thinks their dying was one of the greatest things to happen to architecture this year.