A Quick Check In at the London Festival of Architecture

Elsewhere in the UK, and just a little bit of a subject we’ve promised not to over-cover, we quickly peek back over the fence at the London Festival of Architecture and Wallpaper‘s coverage of it. They’ve put together a couple of very easily digestible reports from the field about the fest, as well as including the real meat and potatoes everyone’s always after: lots of photos. In the first chapter, they offer up a bunch of quick details on the fest itself and give you a sort of pictorial tour of what you’d see as you approached the goings-ons. In chapter two, they start selecting their picks of the best of the best and what not to miss, should you be fortunate enough to attend (and, again, with lots of great photos). And so we leave you with both parts, and the suggestion that you check in with Wallpaper from time to time to see more, and then we promise to leave the subject alone, as to not over do it.