A Quick Cheat Sheet to Learning the Chinese Social Networks [Infographic]

If you follow emerging social networks news, you’ll often find yourself standing face to face with odd terms like “renren” or “sina weibo”, and for some, it’s tough to even begin to understand what they represent.  Fortunately, the folks over at G+ have put together a fantastic infographic looking at social media behavior in China.  From Youku to Jiepang, this one’s got you set.

I find it fascinating that China is able to block major American services like Facebook, Google and Twitter, and then go ahead and create copycat networks that have thrived within their country.  It makes it impossible for American companies to compete in the Chinese market, or get any access to the 500 million Internet users in the country.

Another interesting theory by G+ is that China’s one-child policy is a driver of social networking — since the children don’t have siblings, it’s natural to search friends out online.

Check out the source at G+.