A Preview of The Revamped The New York Times Magazine

FishbowlNY has been pretty exicted about the upcoming issue of the Hugo Lindgren guided The New York Times Magazine. We’ve liked all the moves he’s been making, and guessed that the magazine would probably feel – and read – younger (that’s a good thing!).

Now Michael Calderone has backed up our theories with an almost complete unveiling of the upcoming issue. Check his post out for all the particulars  – there are a lot – but here are a few new things that we liked:

  • The titles of the sections are much snappier. Letters to the editors is now “Reply All.” “Riff” is a rethinking of On Language.
  • A photographer question and answer section.
  • A three-page photo essay in the back of the magazine.
  • Regular columns from Mark Bittman and Bill Keller.

There’s surely going to be some hate once the new issue hits newsstands this Sunday, but at least people are talking about the mag for the first time in forever. After all, bad press is better than no press.  Just ask Charlie – uh, forget that. Ask someone else.