A Preview of ‘Koolhaas Houselife’

If your family holidays are anything like ours and you’re dead tired by 7:30pm due to too much ham and a few too many mimosas at 10am, it’s always nice to start off the day after with a bit of fun. So first up for the day is from A Daily Dose of Architecture, which provides a whole handful of info and links about Koolhaas Houselife, a documentary about the Rem-built house in France and the housekeeper who takes care of it all, described as such:

Unlike most movies about architecture, this feature focuses less on explaining the building, its structure and its virtuosity than on letting the viewer enter into the invisible bubble of the daily intimacy of one of the icons of contemporary architecture. This experiment presents a new way of looking at architecture and broadens the field of its representation.

Here’s one of the trailers: