A Press Corps Tango

In a must read, Jay Rosen expands upon the puzzling questions inherent in the move this week by Washington bureau chiefs to arrest the anonymice administration briefings.

In a spot-on post entitled “Stop us before we’re briefed again” he points that it takes two to tango and that the press corps’ request is similar to saying “We’re going to go ahead and say yes if you ask us to dance, so please don’t ask us to dance.” A more blunt (and perhaps accurate?) way would be to compare the situation to a girl in a bar saying “I’ll let you take advantage of me if you want, but please don’t.” And we all know how that story ends.

Atrios, who has hounded this issue as much as Jack Shafer and we have, has more, as does BTC News, which is the only site with a blogger who regularly covers the White House.

We’ll just note the same point we did yesterday: Forty bureau chiefs got the email from the bureau chiefs of USA Today, Knight Ridder, Cox Newspapers, ABC News, the LA Times, the NY Times, and the AP. Boy, if only they could get SOMEONE in the press to start writing about this issue.

Grand total of articles today in those publications concerning this issue: 1 (NYT)